United States Space Force shirt, hoodie, tank top


United States Space Force shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Well on the other hand when you include flu and pneumonia cases in with the Wuhan flu the numbers go up real fast too. The fact is we don’t know how many people have died from the Wuhan flu. Thanks to the CDC and their counting methods. Just ask yourself why does the CDC and W.H.O want a higher death toll for the Wuhan flu. You are being lied to I wish Desantis was my governor. At least they started to open retail stores at a 25% capacities, now waiting for restaurants to open up. I do wear a mask when shopping and hand sanitizer. We all have to do our part to keep safe and not rely on the government to order us on what we should so, just give suggestions.

Ah, wait 2 weeks after reopening. If it doesnt happen, great. However when weve done things like the primary in wisconsin, 2 weeks later, it ticks up Every death was counted as the virus even tho it was another medical problem. Very deceptive and misguided to do that. Think that “doomsday predictions” is way too dramatic. Jabh Beware. This virus can be grown in a lab and if things don’t go their way there is nothing stopping them from releasing another round. And we know they will. They are globalist who want to control the population of the world and control the survivors of the virus.



































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