Social Distortion Skull Coronavirus shirt, hoodie, tank top


Social Distortion Skull Coronavirus shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Everytime I get stuck by some drunk fat sweaty person or just someone in general that dont use deoderant … Damn I love the concert going experience. I teach preschool special education and I NEVER complain about the children’s behavior or hold them accountable for my opportunity to go on a field trip. There behavior is typically a manifestation of their disability, a result of hard times at home or a consequence of my interaction with them, maybe I made a mistake along the line. Or a combination of all. There is never a valid reason to complain about missing a field trip. If this teacher posted a video about being annoyed about a student’s behavior, imagine how she treats the children when no one is looking. The child’s acting out could very well have been a response to the way they were being treated.

This is such an unfortunate situation. I’m heartbroken for the child and her family. As a veteran teacher, and as a parent, I appreciate your support of teachers and public education. I think it’s great that you are going to have a discussion about how to support teachers. However, I’m pretty confident that 99.9999% of teachers are quite aware that this type of post is hurtful to families.





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