Rottweiler Dog 3D hoodie


Rottweiler Dog 3D hoodie

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One time a huge Rottweiler came to our house after getting lost. My dad was scared of him. I went into the garage to see him and he was sleeping with a teddy bear. Came up to me for some pets. His owner took him back. He was such a sweet boy and I think he thought he was a lap dog! My rottie with our guinea pigs 😊 Rottweilers are not dangerous as everyone paints them to be. Our pup loves the piggies and three cats we have at home. Wouldn’t ever get any other breed

So sweet… matter what breed of dog, dogs will always give what they receive! XX  Joseph Stanton size a him compared to fat midget Kaia We recused two kittens to give our Rotti extra friends… they are amazing animals  Reminds me of my little hammy Maybach (RIP) and one of my Golden’s, Bricklin.  Our rescue got to meet rats for the first time a few weeks ago, he is not impressed lol!! He’s sniffed them once or twice, he’d rather go play with the kitties. XD
























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