Peace Love Sweet Dreams shirt, hoodie, tank top


Peace Love Sweet Dreams shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Where are her friends now,she enjoyed what she was doing ,bullying at schools affects those who cannot defend themselves ,at the age of 14 she was matured enough to differentiate between good and bad she must pay the price what did you do when you were 14. Should we dig into your life and see what we find? I deal with students a lot and even most 20 something’s say and do stupid stuff. But ironically that does not compare to what certain grown ups say or do…. and we can’t even impeach them what about those who were abused by bieng bullied and still feel the pain, nothing much has happened to her she’s just a lesson to those who are still doing the same because they are still there in our schools, look at the comments by those who were schooling with her they are still feeling the pain of bieng bullied by her and her friends, mind you this happened in 2014 after 1994 and now it’s 2020 the difference is 5yrs but the victims still feel the pain , atleast if she had stood up and apologieses before all this came out maybe it would have been justified and accepted

this is exactly why parents are encouraged to monitor their kids social media activities because once something is online it follows you forever, even at job interviews now they check your social media, she was 14 when she posted this, 7 years later it has cost her a great opportunity, a 14 year old had no business posting such things on twitter You making excuses for your kids, there is a lot that 14yrs old do that you don’t know about as parents, stop making excuses. If you black, white or indian and you have a racist home, guess what the kids learn it from there and grow up with it… This is from experience



























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