J’suis pas petite je s’appelle groot shirt


J’suis pas petite je s’appelle groot shirt

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Let’s take a moment and reflect on the faces… I feel like this is the root of the cuteness. Peanut is all eyes and little detail. Grout is a twig and is cute but the damn face on baby yoda, the cheeks the mouth the eyes and his size. He wins and until we get some babies with extreme baby details baby yoda is the cutest Well baby Groot is growing up. Baby peanut, in my opinion looks creepy! And the child/baby Yoda is adorable. So we’re going to keep baby Yoda.

Baby groot grew up and The peanut will mature in a few months. Baby Yoda is 50 years old and still a baby. Keep him I will Baby Groot because Star Wars is trying to ride Marvels dick with spinoffs and baby versions of characters. Marvel is 20+ movies deep and now Star Wars is throwing shit on the wall hoping something sticks. Fuck outta here. Baby Groot came first. All these baby’s are better than the original ones Idk baby groot was pretty damn cool
Baby founder hadn’t done much yet other then be stinking cute
Baby peanut not my bag man












































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