Cat face cloth mask


Cat face cloth mask

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That cat Mo looks just like my prior fur baby Rusty. He was an orange Tabby with the golden eyes, but he passed away on May 1st of 2016. This really made me happy to be reminded of my little fella. no with U mean Maria.I lost my finger boy after2 decades together&I miss him like crazy,He was the best For the last2yrs this July9th,I have had a never-ending candle constantly lit for him,He was SO SO special in so many ways.I miss U Nergal,my little lion  Catherine Ann Williams yes they do and I know the males are very loving. Before my Rusty found me, I was always afraid of cats due to the stories I heard about them growing up. He was my little love bug. Now I love cats as much I do dogs.

I love me some Cricket and Mo. They remind me so much of my Charlotte Dog and Lui Cat. They are just precious. ❤️ I have been an faithful follower since the start and I love this new Dodo video. As always The Dodo is the best. Thank you. That is too funny that did bring a smile to my face I love these videos with the world being uncertain nowadays I need a little laughter How beautiful the friendship they have , the animals are very evolved, they have friends of different species , I find it fantastic.



















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