Best Cat Dad Ever American Flag shirt, hoodie, tank top


Best Cat Dad Ever American Flag shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I wish I had a boss like that, a true leader that is sensible enough to know about the underlying affects of senseless political convenience and that understands the damage of a stagnant economy on day to day workers and their families. I am not a follower of the ‘cult of personality’ around Elon, but with this kind of action, I can only express that he is one (and I am sure not the only one) that sees things as what they really are. Props to Elon. From now on, I think I will be a closer and keen admiror of his work. Known rent seeking jackwagon’s dangerous negligence risks people’s health. Fixed it for ya. What a horribly dishonest page. The omissions, the focus shifting, the faux outrage mongering

Elon Musk is in the know. He understand this is purely psychological and political. look at the statistics. This is just another average influenza season. Hyped up by the doom & gloom media. This isn’t my opinion, the jury’s out. We’ve heard from enough doctors from around the country and scientists, report The real numbers on death. the CDC and Dr. Fauci the virus king, know what they are doing. They are Scaring the SHIT out of people so they run to their vaccines that they’re gonna roll out here pretty soon. Round 2 of this B.S. coming in October just wait. I’m not a profit I just know how to read the signs and connect dots.















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