Axolotl Co Bath Soaps Relaxolotl poster


Axolotl Co Bath Soaps Relaxolotl poster

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If you’re interested in owning one I recommend joining one of the many facebook groups like “I love axolotls”. They aren’t as easy to take care of as they seem and with so much misinformation out there about their care it’s good to double check that you’re getting good info. You can also feel free to PM me as I have 8 of my own John Cavanaugh mud puppies are actually the juvenile form of a tiger salamander. They’re not the same as axolotls which are endemic (found in one place) to Mexico City. The tiger and axolotl are close cousins though! They’re both members of the genus Ambystoma. Additionally, axolotls closely resemble the tiger salamander when it’s in its larval form. The difference is the axolotl never leaves its larval form because it’s pedomorphic, or forever in a juvenile state. Super cool that you get to catch tigers though! I live in Nevada and we don’t have any native salamanders so low key jealous

Guys axolotls are amazing pets, but as with any animal do your own research (do not listen to pet shops) and try and find rescues! I have 4 rescue axolotls, please please please if you want one do a lot of googling and reading different articles💕 wish I could post photos of mine! Rhis is cute..but the bunny yawning..well that’s my favourite.













































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