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2020 Hello Thirty quarantined shirt,tank top, hoodie

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Such a horrible thing to happen to a child. I can’t imagine her last bit of her life nor the pain her family is going through. I really don’t understand why people hurt children. I know it has something to do with being able to have some sort of control over something. Not sure I explained that well at all but it’s just gut wrenching! Adrian, I see nothing wrong with your original post. Anything we might say or write is subject to interpretation. You stated the facts as shared from reliable sources, without shading or color of your own other than your heartfelt sadness over the passing of an innocent child.

I don’t usually question your sources, but this is a pretty high-profile case and it’s all over the news. All that I’m finding that authorities have said is that the two deaths have been “linked” to each other. I understand where you and many others would draw the conclusion that Coty killed the little girl and perhaps then went home and later killed himself. But the authorities (from what I’ve been able to find) have NOT named him as the killer or said how he died. We need to be careful about drawing conclusions before all the investigation has been completed. The authorities have specifically asked people to not speculate in this case because rumors were getting so out of hand.













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