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Research has repeatedly confirmed correlations between fractal geometries in nature and people in artwork and structure (e.g., Joye, 2007; Taylor, 2006), however there are opposing opinions about which fractal dimension is perfect for engendering a positive well being response, whether or not an optimum ratio exists, or if such a ratio is even important to identify as a design metric or guideline. Humans have been adorning residing spaces with representations of nature since time immemorial, and architects have lengthy created areas utilizing components impressed by timber, bones, wings and seashells. In Biophilic Design (Kellert et al., 2008), Kellert frames this as Pure Patterns and Processes”, whereby seeing and understanding the processes of nature can create a perceptual shift in what’s being seen and experienced.Profiting from the sounds created by small-scale running water, and our capability to touch it, will amplify the desired health response with a multi-sensory experience. Repeated experiences of water don’t significantly diminish our stage of interest over time (Biederman & Vessel, 2006), so one small water function could also be adequate. The Presence of Water sample has evolved from analysis on visible desire for and constructive emotional responses to environments containing water parts; reduced stress, elevated feelings of tranquility, and decrease coronary heart fee and blood pressure from publicity to water options; improved concentration and memory restoration induced by complicated, naturally fluctuating visual stimuli; and enhanced notion and psychological and physiological responsiveness when multiple senses are stimulated concurrently.

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