Awesome Movie The office, threat level midnight poster


Michael Scarn (Michael) was sitting at the typing table, then an assassin (disguised as a postman) tried to shoot him, but he shot back, killing the assassin.

After the introduction, the camera skimmed through newspaper clippings about Scarn’s rise that led to a loss in his career. Scarn is then shown lying on his bed. Scarn’s robot butler, Samuel L. Chang (Dwight) attends and tells Scarn that President Jackson (Darryl) wants to meet him.

Awesome Movie The office, threat level midnight poster

While in the Oval Office, President Jackson told Scarn that Goldenface (Jim) tried to blow up the NFL All-star game, the MLB All-star game and the NBA All-star game. The President reminded Scarn that he took a day off to run 20k with Robin Williams, and that same day, Michael’s wife, Catherine Zeta-Scarn was in WNBA’s star game, she was killed by Goldenface. The President warned Scarn that there was a bomb at the NHL All-star Stadium and needed him to destroy it, because that was his retirement plan and he owned the stadium. Goldenface took hostage hostage standing hostage. If Scarn comes in, the hostage dies. The game cannot be canceled because it costs too much to cancel. President Jackson told Scarn it was a midnight threat. A coin toss, the best of the seven, will decide whether Scarn chooses to stay or stay. While the hostages are tied to the Goldenface (Jim), the hostages have to choose a leader while the Goldenface is performing some kind of medication outside.

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