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So he did not feel sorry as the boss Nhan Tong clung to even when he was dying. Horror movie killers friends shirt . Besides that Vinh Hung field is also the plundering (from Li) only! There is still a lot, because a few years later (1254), in the face of the threat of the Mongol border, he brought the “bureaucrats” out for sale, a five-piece model, which was the taxable price of the small lord who gave it to Li king (3 ups) for 5 years, which is also the price of 15 rice ups, the price of buying 5 slaves in the hungry year 1290. The mandarins are often translated as “public fields” but are his private fields (as explained year 1277 on the word “mandarin” of Tran Quoc Toai based on Han letter).

The time of selling the field to run this enemy has a positive result when the risk of the country being invaded by the country is certain, it will definitely occupy both the land of the royal dynasty, some of the land has bought. “The general’s commander” made it clear: “A little garden to take care of the family” until the time of the invasion “does not redeem itself for a thousand-gold body …” Then, bringing the family and soldiers of the army to save the country as words Ngo Si Lien relates to battle 1257.

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