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The fact is, when reviewing the progress of the international competition organized by the Daily newspaper in 1929, the researcher must think that this competition, from intent to implementation, is indispensable to the participation of journalists who were writing or supporting writers for this daily newspaper in Saigon, for example Phan Khoi, Bui The My, Dao Trinh Nhat, Ngo Tat To, etc. Horror movie characters Friends TV show shirt . However, standing in front of the only plays In the name of the editor, there is absolutely no signature of any other name, the collector, – especially if the person belongs only to the posterity, – cannot “attribute” each one to a specific person.

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I suspect, having had a lot of involvement in this competition, Phan Khoi, who showed the trend of historically active right from the time of writing the newspaper, who, in 1928, at least deployed a competition. The treatise on modern Vietnamese history on the East France of the time, the predecessor of this general daily newspaper. [2] But the most needed is some evidence that still lacks …

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