How to use multifunction blender the right way

Share how you can use a multipurpose blender – helping you grind food and beverage more efficiently. Whenever a blender is an increasingly important item in your kitchen equipment list.

If you are a mono-blender, you can just grind the fruit easily to use. You should consider the need to select the most suitable blender.

A versatile hand-grinder you can squeeze fruit, grind living foods with a variety of grinders and blades. Pregnant women are assured of the highest quality processed foods.
Notes when you use the hand grinder
You should pay attention to the maximum and should give food lower than the norm.
The food must be thoroughly filtered, blended with 80% of the maximum and before draining should be drained so that during the process the material is not shot out.
The grinding time should not exceed 30 seconds and let the blender rest for a few minutes then use it again. You should not overheat the machine.
You should check that the parts of the blender are properly assembled. In particular, the blades should be assembled to the mill as grinding or grinding.

Do not press the grinder while the blender jar does not contain food ingredients and does not remove the lid when the blades are not rotating.
When grinding you should add water or milk to the glass to make the material is more smooth grinding. And it helps extend the life of the blender.
You should not use your hands or foreign objects to get food in the blender while it is in operation.
When cleaning the blender, check that you have unplugged the appliance.
Do not clean the body directly with water but wipe it with a wet towel or a soft brush to clean it. Highly corrosive detergents should not be used.
You should clean the blender immediately after grinding, ensuring the food does not corrode the equipment. As long as the food is attached to the machine will cause unhygienic and when the grafts cling to you will be difficult to clean.
As soon as you have finished using the appliance, unplug the appliance and lift the appliance out of the pedestal. Rotate clockwise to help you remove the bottom easily.
Drain the dish into a soft cloth and clean the mortar cover, chop sticks. Then pick up the towel to wash each slit to get the excess food cling.
These small tips will hopefully help you to use a more efficient blender. Avoid encountering normal errors are not worth it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will help you find the best solution for your daily housework.

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